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Body Scrub

Body Scrub in Vellore, Hosur, Tiruvannamalai

Body Scrub

Combining revitalising aromatic extracts with a blend of granules and moisturizing oils exfoliating body scrub from True paradise Day spa, Vellore leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed, soft, silky and heavenly!

Whether you need to recharge and awaken …or … relax and restore True paradise Day spa has the range of body scrub treatments that enhance your beauty, soothes the body, mind and spirit, nourishes the skin, are specially designed to indulge the senses, and are caters to your every need.

At True paradise Day spa, we understand what the skin needs, and we know what works best, we have witnessed results right in front of our eyes – glowing skin and happy smiles! The powerful actives in the body scrub spa treatment leave you feeling luxurious and fragranced at the end of the session.

Enriched with natural moisturizers, our body scrub spa service will ensure that your skin is silky smooth once our therapists work their magic on you. With plenty of goodies and essential oils used in these scrubs, the body scrub experience will invigorate and relax the skin cells therefore leaving it soft and supple. With our best skin exfoliator for body and legs, you will be getting rid of the old and dead skin cells, and eventually discover your super glorious skin!


  • Skin Glow
  • Exfoliating
  • Increasing Flow
  • Improve Cellulite and Aging
  • Relaxation

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